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Take me Baby, or Leave Me. (I stole that from Rent)

email me at rebelfemm@gmail.com for a password protected post.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. honestly, I don’t think you need to figure out anything. You just are! People start looking for answers like: what’s the purpose of my life, where do I fit, who am I, do I matter and etc., and those questions come up just because we believe that we have to belong somewhere, that we have to be a part of something, that we have to have this feeling of knowing, to exist. But you are! You just are. You are perfectly imperfect. There is no place in this world that you belong to and that is because you live your life, you have ups and downs, you feel, you cry, you hate, you love and you change. Just be who you are right here right now because tomorrow you will be something else, somebody else and somewhere else…

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